Organisational structure


Supervisory board

Prof. Dr. H.E.G.S. Schneider (chairwoman)
Mr. J.H.W. Koster (member)
Dr. J.J. de Jong (member)
Drs, A.L.C.J. van Beek RC MFE (member)

Managing Director

Drs. Edwin J.M.G. Lustermans RC EMFC





Historic interiors

Drs. René Hoppenbrouwers (coordinator), drs. Angelique Friedrichs, Claudia Junge, drs. Nico van der Woude, José Vetro MA


Bascha Stabik MA (coordinator), Gwendoline Fife BSc. PGDIPCons., drs. Luuk Hoogstede, Bianca van Velzen MA, Marjolein Hupkes MA, Joanna Strombek MA

Sculptures and painted objects

Arnold Truyen, Marta Estadella Colome MA

Modern and contemporary art

Dr. Lydia Beerkens

Education and training

Kate Seymour MA (Head of Education)

Business management and Finance

Marc Deegens (coordinator)

Office management and HRM

Siska Losse

Administrative assistance

Julie Fassbender


Magdalena Leszczynska MA, Alice Limb PGDCons.

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